What are we capable of?

I have always wondered. Why army is required? Why are we human beings fighting among ourselves? Why have we separated ourselves with borders by creating multiple countries and deployed huge army at the borders who have to stay away from their loved ones, no matter what the condition of the weather Is, or how difficult it is to stay without proper food and shelter by risking lives. Continue reading


Gone are those days i hated hostel

Crying in the bathroom, eating less food or unwanted medicines so that I can get sick and go home, pretend to be sick so that my mom will call me home.

But no one asked me why I wanted to go home. Why I do not want to stay in the hostel.

I was totally different from other boys, I was not cool, I did not like to play outdoor games, I did not know how to make friends. In short, I was very introvert and very much attached to my mom that my heart completely broke when I was sent to the hostel. Continue reading