Gone are those days i hated hostel

Crying in the bathroom, eating less food or unwanted medicines so that I can get sick and go home, pretend to be sick so that my mom will call me home.

But no one asked me why I wanted to go home. Why I do not want to stay in the hostel.

I was totally different from other boys, I was not cool, I did not like to play outdoor games, I did not know how to make friends. In short, I was very introvert and very much attached to my mom that my heart completely broke when I was sent to the hostel.

There was no chance I could go home. Maybe whatever I did was a heinous crime. Yes, love & friendship with a girl was a crime in our society.

In school, I had no friends. From childhood, I stammered and now I was in class 9 but my problem still persisted.  I was always bullied in school and now here you can understand my plight in the hostel.

It all started when I started to develop feelings towards a senior of our school. She was in class 9 and I in 8. I don’t know why but whenever I used to see her I felt a sense of confidence in myself. I dressed for her so I could look good, whenever I passed beside her used to pound faster.

Maybe.. I .. was… in… LOVE.

But come on, I was only 14 years old.

So, the winter vacation came and I planned to confess to her but maybe my way of sending a message to her was too old fashioned.

What could have I done? There was no mobile phones at those time. I wrote a letter to her in admirable calligraphy and sent it through my privately appointed messenger.

But alas ! the messenger delivered it to her mother.

via Daily Prompt: Gone https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/gone/


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