What are we capable of?

I have always wondered. Why army is required? Why are we human beings fighting among ourselves? Why have we separated ourselves with borders by creating multiple countries and deployed huge army at the borders who have to stay away from their loved ones, no matter what the condition of the weather Is, or how difficult it is to stay without proper food and shelter by risking lives.


Why are we divided? Is it because different country speaks a different language, practice different religion or because our skin color is different? Is it not true that we all have the same blood color i.e RED. Are we not taught in biology class that blood group of a person is only of four type no matter which country a person comes from?

Instead of fighting against illness, environment degradation or working on new technology that can take us beyond the Space why are we trying to show each other how powerful we are by developing more and more nuclear weapons.

I always dream of an Earth where there is no division of land or sea, where people from one region can visit another region without any permits, passports, visas. Where people have an extreme love for animals, plants, and surroundings, and where people of all region working together to save the human race or like finding a new galaxy or working on something like teleportation.

Leave creating a teleportation, we are already aware of the poverty in some of the backward countries in South Africa? Why not contributing for them instead of wasting on nuclear weapon temper.

I belong to a Hindu family in India and have read the story of Mahabharata where Bhishma Pitamah while lying on death bed says…

Our country borders are like the clothes of our mother which must be protected by any means from the enemy.

So, the enemy always existed. Either it was millions of years ago or today. And enmity exist because we can’t see each other’s development. Just like Enmity exist between hens who kill other’s pullets so that there is no competition for its pullets when they grow up. So we human beings are. We can’t see our neighbor’s development, either it be a family next door or country.

Well, as Dan Riskin says.. It’s in our DNA.



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