About me

Hi, All.

I am the one who was branded “loser” in school because I stammer and was short in height and weak by physique.

I am the one who failed multiple times in mathematics in higher secondary and later had to clear it through National Institute of Open Schooling.

Thinking that money is everything, I decided not to pursue graduation and started a business from scratch in 2010 and by 2013 my business was doing quite well and I could afford everything I desired.

In 2015 when the money could buy everything I needed, I realized money was not everything; not happiness, not permanent happiness, not satisfaction which only comes from within. Which comes when we do what we love to do.

Next, I started an NGO to help the poor and disadvantaged and with a desire to make a change in the society and the result: I lost all my funds which I had made after continuously working hard for last 4 years.

Well, the loss also came with gains. I had made a significant effort to give my contribution to the welfare of the people and learned many things through the process, so-called wisdom.


I am not sure what is next but willing to accept what God has decided for me.