New Word: Diaspora (meaning and sentence framing)

Origin of the word Diaspora.

The word diaspora comes from the greek word Diaspeirein – dia=across + speirein=scatter i.e to scatter across.

Meaning of the word Diaspora:

It means dispersion or spread of population from their original homeland to different region.

Framing Sentences:

Sentence 1: As Indian diaspora grows, centre faces multiple challenges in protecting this diverse and geographically diverse population.
Sentence 2: A diaspora of Rohingyas muslim immigrants moved to India because of multiple human rights violation in Myanmar. They are the most persecuted muslims groups in the world.

Gone are those days i hated hostel

Crying in the bathroom, eating less food or unwanted medicines so that I can get sick and go home, pretend to be sick so that my mom will call me home.

But no one asked me why I wanted to go home. Why I do not want to stay in the hostel.

I was totally different from other boys, I was not cool, I did not like to play outdoor games, I did not know how to make friends. In short, I was very introvert and very much attached to my mom that my heart completely broke when I was sent to the hostel. Continue reading